And now the cat is into head-banging...

Our indoor/outdoor tomcat is having problems. We had to rearrange things. Since I got back from the day job, the cat has been spastic. He's been far more expressive than normal with fairly strange physical antics. Here's what happened.

The space here on the farm where we record LISTen suffered some structural damage recently. I had a spaghetti pot catching the leak as water dripped down from the ceiling of that space. We just had a damage assessment that indicates that that whole space is going to have to be repaired. Before I had to shuffle off to the day job I worked with family to tear out that whole area and reconfigure another part of the farm house to compensate for the loss of space.

This truly sucks. I was worried that I was going to have to negotiate time to borrow somebody else's recording space to record the next episode. I was even more worried the podcast would be forced back into hiatus until I could figure out a solution.

After all that worry, I am pleased to say that we're still on the air barring any unforeseen complications. The acoustics profile has changed so things might sound slightly different. Listener discretion is encouraged.

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