An Open Letter (and a Challenge) to Jonathan Franzen

Open letter from Diesel ebooks in response to Mr. Franzen’s recent comments as reported by The Telegraph.


As they say in France, 'chacun a son gout', each to his own taste. Like ebooks? Buy (lease, rent, borrow) them. Like paper books? Same deal.

For Fiction I tend to go by cost. And the cheapest option for anything not brand new is the cheap option on Amazon Marketplace. At £3 I get a real book, but if I could have got an ebook version for £3 I would have bought that and read it straight away instead of waiting the long long long 3 days it took to be delivered.
I don't really care about format as much (although I love the feel of it at the same time the boxes of unread books cluttering up my house is a pain) it comes down to cost.

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