Amy Ryan is Choice of Boston Public Library

The Boston Public Library board of trustees has chosen Amy E. Ryan, a librarian from Hennepin County MN to take over as president of the city's library system.

The eight trustees unanimously selected Ryan, director of the library system in Hennepin County, Minn., after publicly interviewing her at the Copley Square branch.


The video of the public meeting of the Boston Public Library board with the candidates is available, email jmcglone at

Would any of you kind folks put the video on the web?...

You can drop me a line to discuss this. Use an e-mail address found under the PGP KeyID shown and encrypt appropriately.
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How do you use Emacs to sort RMAIL email based on SpamAssassin headers?...

Oy, it has been a while since I administered a server that had SpamAssassin installed. It has also been a long time since I've handled e-mail with emacs. I would not have an answer for ya but hope somebody else might.
Stephen Michael Kellat, Host, LISTen
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An address for email didn't appear!

Was it a different Hennepin leader that let go Sanford Berman?... who?

Sanford Berman was not "let go"; he retired.

Sandy had been removed from his position as head of cataloging at Hennepin County PL. Therefore he was forced to retire.

Berman did not willingly retire - he was forced out by Charles Brown and his crew. Amy Ryan will not be missed by HCL staff - perhaps now we'll actually get a leader we can respect, and that has some respect for us and the work we do.

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