America's 10 Coolest Public Libraries

It's not clear what the criteria are for the coolest public libraries, <a href="">but based on this MSN article</a> it appears to be mostly about the building and less about what happens inside. For librarians, most of the libraries that made this top ten list should be familiar; the flagship locations in Seattle, Boston, Chicago, and New York for example. From the article: Throughout American history, the desire for libraries has inspired cities, architects and robber barons to build, not just boxes for books, but secular temples to the worship of words. Here are America's 10 coolest, from old school Beaux-Arts beauties to the airy halls of contemporary architecture. Read more at:


"Nearly 100 percent of the Minneapolis Central Library's collections are on display on the 38.5 miles of shelving in this lovely new library."

I call not it for shelf reading duty.

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