American Booksellers Association's New E-Fairness Action Kit Launches

Do you think and other internet-only businesses have a right to sell product without collecting sales tax when brick & mortar businesses have been collecting and sending in taxes for years?

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E-FACT provides independent businesses and booksellers in particular in the 42 states that collect sales tax but do not have e-fairness legislation state-specific templates to their state legislators and Governor calling for e-fairness. Businesses can simply go to E-FACT and navigate to their state, where they will find the relevant documents that can be adapted and then e-mailed to the appropriate person. We plan for E-FACT to grow over the next few weeks to include op-ed pieces, FAQs, relevant articles, and practical suggestions for advocating on behalf of e-fairness.


There have been court cases that have held that street booksellers cannot be required to have a license because the booksellers are engaging in constitutionally protected speech.

As a society don't we want to encourage the sale of books? Wouldn't the way to do this would be to have no taxes on books at all. No matter if you are a online seller or a physical store.

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