Amazon Sues North Carolina

Amazon has filed a lawsuit in federal court in Seattle against the North Carolina Department of Revenue charging that its demand that Amazon turnover the names and addresses of all residents who bought anything from the e-tailer since 2003 is an invasion of privacy and a violation of the First Amendment. The request by North Carolina is part of that state's efforts to collect sales tax on items purchased by North Carolina residents from Amazon. In the complaint, Amazon also said North Carolina is demanding it turnover records of what each customer purchased and how much they paid.

When North Carolina first announced its plans to collect sales tax from online retailers, Amazon closed down the affiliates program in the state, arguing that without that program the state had no nexus to collect sales tax.

Publishers Weekly reports.


>>Amazon further argued that the North Carolina tax collectors have no need "to know the identities and other personal information linking specific customers with any purchase, much less purchases of books, movies, music and other expressive works."

I agree with Amazon on this point.

For people that live in North Carolina. If the state wins against Amazon hopefully you did not buy this book.

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