Amazon Says It Will Correct Its Search Function

Topic: has generated a dustup over the way it filters adult books. Books with any gay content at all — racy or not — no longer have a sales ranking. That makes those titles more difficult to find using Amazon's search function. Amazon says it is fixing the problem.

Story on NPR


In a blog post at NPR called "Amazon Learns A Painful Lesson About The Twitter Hashtag" there was this line - "but if it wasn't already clear that Twitter is changing the way businesses respond (and must respond) to customers, it should be now."

How is Twitter any different than people complaining about a company on a blog or via email? I don't see that businesses have to respond any different to Twitter complaints than to blog complaints.

Opinions on this?

twitter is the ultimate reactionary, viral response to any stimulus. a million users will respond to anything that might get them heard by others, so any excitement produces a ripple-to-tsunami effect that business can't ignore. ...don't piss off the mob.

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