Amazon Limiting E-Books to Kindle and Mobipocket Formats

Into e-books? Then you might find this of interest-

Publishers Weekly reports that has notified its publisher and author clients that it plans to cease offering e-books in the Microsoft Reader and Adobe e-book formats.

In the future, the online retailer says it plans to offer only e-books in the Kindle format (for wireless download to its Kindle reading device) and the Mobipocket format, both of which are owned by Amazon. The online retailer’s note asks publishers and authors to make sure that Amazon has written permission to offer their books for sale in the Mobipocket format.


Amazon effectively stopped selling ebooks using Adobe and MS formats back in July of 2006 when they dropped the Ingram ebook catalog.

Interesting yet dangerous road that Amazon is going down. On one hand they could seize the majority of the ebook market. At worst the ebook market is going to grow incrementally but it is going to grow and Amazon could be the monopoly player in that market.

On the other hand ebooks could innovate on other sites and Amazon could be left in the cold. This would be especially true if publishers decide to stop playing ball with Amazon in regards to ebooks.

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