Am I sorry I became a librarian? No, but....

Am I sorry I became a librarian? No, but....

So, am I sorry I became a librarian? No. Am I sorry about some of the bullshit and outright rudeness, disrespect, and other nonsense I get from the higher ups? Yes, but sadly it is not something I can really change so I just take it a day at a time. In the end, some days are better than others. Sensei Girl and I have our successes, and we have our off days. In the end, it is about those we serve. We are happy letting someone else run the library; we just hope they don't run it to the ground.


the "am I sorry I became a librarian?" or "I'm glad I'm a librarian" essay contest... if I remember, you promised a new contest, but I don't remember seeing one.

I think the poster's view of administration is a bit generalized to say the least. Many libraries the administrator is also a librarian or even *the* librarian. I seriously doubt she has any idea what an administrator really does.

The post makes me wonder what jobs this person has had previously. All professions and jobs have administrators. The blog entry is full of generalizations.

While a customer is not always right, there is a way to handle it to not harm the organization further. This person clearly does not understand the politics of running an organization.

The approach the person takes to situations and administrators suggests they are part of the organizational problems as well.

And their statement in a linked post that says "Those ubertechy librarians who seem to look down on anyone else who does not seem to be "keeping up" even if those who can't keep up usually don't due to lack of resources." just shows how uncreative and uninterested this person really is. When did money become the sole requirement to beware of issues in your profession and to stay intellectually involved? Does this person really even work in a library, home of free information, to make a statement like this?

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