Allegations of racism surface at Louisiana libraries

Bossier Parish Police Juror is calling for changes to the Bossier Parish Library System after past and present employees have brought forward allegations of racism and race-based hiring.

Library employees allege a laundry list of racist practices in the hiring and treatment of black employees by the library administration, which employees say came to a head last fall when an assistant cataloguer who is white, mentioned a need to use a whip for motivation in front of two black employees.


Don't read this article because then you'll wonder what list of words exists that white women can't mention.

I would guess that everyone has heard someone say something like, "Come one, let's get this work done or I'm going to have to crack that whip." But now we need to remove that type of comment from our vocabularies. Even the Pastafarians of us, who try to live our holy pirate ways.

That's nothing. At IUPUI (Indiana) a student janitor was charged with harassment for reading a book about the KKK on his break. The book was anti-klan, but that didn't matter to the office of equal opportunity (and book burning).

Whitey has it bad.

What do I care I am black (Irish).

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