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LISWire: EBSCO Information Services to Fund the EBSCO FOLIO Innovation Challenge

March 3, 2017 - 1:29pm

IPSWICH, Mass. — March 3, 2017 — EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) is introducing the EBSCO FOLIO Innovation Challenge. The grant program will award $100,000 in grants to libraries to develop innovative technology solutions that address the challenges academic libraries face.

A total of $100,000 will be awarded to multiple institutions—grants between $5,000 and $20,000 each. The EBSCO FOLIO Innovation Challenge grants will be awarded to projects that leverage the FOLIO codebase and address current opportunities in library technology. Grant winners also may have the opportunity to take part in a startup incubator program designed to support the creation of tools for academic libraries.

EBSCO Information Services Director of SaaS Innovation, Andrew Nagy, says the Innovation Challenge is expected to draw developers from institutions around the world. “FOLIO has a great international community working together to improve libraries. As Open Source software with a focus on collaboration and transparency that is being designed from the outset with a microservices architecture, the open platform allows us to more easily create and share innovations. We expect the Innovation Challenge to bring pioneering applications from a variety of organizations in multiple countries.”

In June 2016, the FOLIO project was announced to bring together libraries and service providers looking to reshape the future of libraries and develop new technologies. This community-based project, which stands for the Future of Libraries is Open, provides a platform for libraries, service providers and other organizations to team up to redefine library automation via open source projects and develop new applications that extend the library into new areas.

EBSCO is among the funders of the FOLIO project and is contributing resources to the development of the FOLIO library services platform (LSP). The Innovation Challenge is looking for apps that will change the way libraries interact with end users, faculty, and other departments. The goal is to extend the services libraries provide and improve the library workflow as well as how they serve their users.
Winning proposals will be designed to support academic libraries and will:

• Advance the adoption of FOLIO as a platform, support new services, and extend the library into new areas
• Solve a problem for libraries, not just a given institution
• Provide innovation in a current area of library technology

The FOLIO code and documentation is available at EBSCO FOLIO Innovation Challenge grants will be awarded between July 2017 and April 2018. Applicants are encouraged to submit proposals early at [email protected]. Additional information is provided in an FAQ on the website.

About EBSCO Information Services
EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) is the leading discovery service provider for libraries worldwide with more than 11,000 discovery customers in over 100 countries. EBSCO Discovery Service™ (EDS) provides each institution with a comprehensive, single search box for its entire collection, offering unparalleled relevance ranking quality and extensive customization. EBSCO is also the preeminent provider of online research content for libraries, including hundreds of research databases, historical archives, point-of-care medical reference, and corporate learning tools serving millions of end users at tens of thousands of institutions. EBSCO is the leading provider of electronic journals & books for libraries, with subscription management for more than 360,000 serials, including more than 57,000 e-journals, as well as online access to more than 900,000 e-books. For more information, visit the EBSCO website at: EBSCO Information Services is a division of EBSCO Industries Inc., a family owned company since 1944.
For more information, please contact:
Kathleen McEvoy
Vice President of Communications
(800) 653-2726 ext. 2594
[email protected]

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LISWire: The Bowling Library at Judson College goes live on Koha with ByWater Solutions

February 28, 2017 - 8:43am


Nathan Curulla
(888) 900-8944
[email protected]

The Bowling Library at Judson College goes live on Koha with ByWater Solutions

ByWater Solutions, an open source community contributor and America's forefront provider of Koha support, announced today that the Bowling Library at Judson College, of Marion, Alabama is now live on Koha! ByWater Solutions completed the migration of the library's 60,000 plus holdings from Voyager last year and is providing ongoing Koha support and hosting services to them.  The library's customized Koha OPAC can be viewed at:

Nathan Curulla, Co-Owner of ByWater commented on the library's move to Koha:

"Working with the team at the Bowling Library has been a real pleasure. The best part about our job is meeting new librarians who have the same vision as we do when it comes to data ownership and freedom. We are thrilled to be able to add functionality to the library's catalog without breaking the bank, all while providing the support services we have become known for."

About Judson College
Since 1838, Judson College has been committed to preparing young women for lives of purpose through the transmission of knowledge, the refinement of intellect, the nurturing of faith, the promotion of service, and the development of character. A private, four-year, Christian college with degree programs in liberal arts and the sciences, Judson College helps each student reach her full potential by providing her with opportunities to engage her mind, practice her faith, and live her purpose.

Over the past twenty years, 96% of Judson women have been employed or have entered graduate school within a year of graduation.  Through academic and co-curricular experiences, Judson helps each student find her voice while she earns the credentials that will help her voice be heard.  As the only women’s college in Alabama and the most affordable women’s college in the nation, Judson is committed to being a place devoted to young women.  We believe that this environment helps our students develop the knowledge, confidence, and leadership skills they need to achieve their goals in a more profound way than they could in a coeducational setting.

After 178 years, Judson College remains loyal to its original mission of educating young women in preparation for a life of service.  We are a community that finds ongoing meaning in our shared traditions of the past, work in the present, and hopes for the future as we seek to recognize and embody God’s light and truth in the world. For more information please visit:

About Koha:
Koha is the first open-source Integrated Library System (ILS). In use worldwide, its development is steered by a growing community of libraries collaborating to achieve their technology goals. Koha's impressive feature set continues to evolve and expand to meet the needs of its user base. It includes modules for circulation, cataloging, acquisitions, serials, reserves, patron management, branch relationships, and more.

Koha's OPAC, circulation, management and self-checkout interfaces are all based on standards-compliant World Wide Web technologies, HTML5, CSS and Javascript, making Koha a truly platform-independent solution. Koha is distributed under the open-source General Public License (GPL). For more information about Koha, please visit:

About ByWater Solutions:
ByWater Solutions is a full service, high quality Koha support and implementation company dedicated to providing libraries with a lower cost, more advanced level of support for their ILS than a traditional proprietary solution can offer. ByWater Solutions has a proven track record in first rate Koha implementation and support with library systems of all sizes. Our highly ranked, comprehensive support is what sets our company apart from any other vendor in the industry. Partnering with ByWater Solutions for Koha support not only lowers the cost of implementing and maintaining an ILS, but more importantly empowers libraries by giving them the flexibility and freedom they deserve. For more information please visit:

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