After years of lobbying, a Bronx high school scores a library

After years of lobbying, a Bronx high school scores a library
When School Construction Authority officials first stepped foot in the Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics to build a $1.1 million library, Principal Edward Tom had some specific instructions.

“I told them not to think about high school libraries,” Tom said at a ribbon cutting ceremony held at the school today. “I told them: ‘Think Starbucks.’”


As a school librarian, Edward Tom makes a good principal. What kind of fool constructs a library then doesn't hire a librarian until he has made all the major decisions, such as selecting, cataloging and shelving the books, choosing equipment, and designing the lirbary. Based on his experiences at Starbucks.

When the arrogance of administrators trumps common sense of hiring someone who knows the field, then corruption and silliness are not far behind.

I'm also shocked they would build a science and mathematics school without a library or science laboratory, but that's another story and another rant. Maybe they'll have the principal build the chemistry lab. Think Starbucks! Just keep everyone with any knowledge of chemistry away from the design and construction of the laboratories. After all, the principal knows all and knows best. That's why he's the principal.