Afghanistan and Multiculturalism in Khaled Hosseini’s Novels

An article published by Emerald Group Publishing in Multicultural Education & Technology Journal focuses on the novels of best selling author Khaled Hosseni. The paper analyses how his novels ‘The Kite Runner’ and ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ have affected the American secondary school curriculum with themes of multiculturalism stemming from Afghanistan and the world that surrounds it. Today this world is more mediated than ever by various computer technologies. Entitled ‘Afghanistan and Multiculturalism in Khaled Hosseini’s Novels: Study of Place and Diversity’, this conceptual paper was written by Mary F. Agnello, Reese H. Todd, Bolanle Olaniran and Thomas A. Lucey. This study considers Hosseni’s novels which depict his homeland Afghanistan. Through his novels, Afghanistan has now become more accessible to the outside world, particularly in international and US classrooms. As these novels have been banned in schools in both Afghanistan and the US, this study discuses how certain cultures censor literature they believe conflicts with their values or way of life. Globalisation has helped to transform how an individual perceives their national identity and culture, this has been strongly affected by the fluidity of existing cultural boarders, and therefore the need to manage these differences is increasingly important with the creation of a new educational agenda. Within the paper Agnello et al comments “Political and cultural borders that once separated nation and states along with people who reside in them are increasingly blurred. Hence managing difference along with the friction created, is becoming one of the central functions of modern nations that call for new educational agendas...” There is still a lot of work outstanding to internationalise education. The paper also makes reference to a table (Todd and Agnello, 2006) documenting a social studies Framework which is to be utilized with Hosseini Novels. The table highlights the process of building awareness and generating solutions to world problems through the components of geography: People, Places, history, sources of information and problem solving both locally and globally. Multicultural Education and Technology Journal is edited by Glenn Hardaker of Huddersfield University Business School. The journal looks at the role of technology within multicultural education and covers topics like Pedagogy of equity and the role of learning technologies and the impact of digital divide on inter-cultural education. For further information about Multicultural Education and Technology contact the publisher Kate Snowden [email protected] or visit
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