ACLU threatens to join Amazon customer privacy fight

The American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina is telling the state Department of Revenue to back off on a request for "constitutionally protected private information" of customers.

In a letter Thursday to Revenue Secretary Kenneth Lay, the group says it will join an existing lawsuit brought by the online retail giant if the department "persists in its demand" for North Carolina customers' names and addresses.

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The ACLU-NC may be seeking to prevent the release of the names and address of certain people, but ACLU-NJ is seeking the names and addresses of people on a book review committee who voted to remove a book in accordance with Bd of Educ. v. Pico. Another ACLU double standard. NC no. NJ yes.


If the people on that NJ commission were serving in a public capacity or making public policy, then why shouldn't their names be made public? It's not the same as a private person buying a book.

Right, but it was not an official NJ commission. If I recall, it was a group acting at the request of the board of education to make a determination in response to a book challenge. So these are essentially local mom and pops.

Exactly what would the ACLU be doing seeking the names and addresses of local mom and pops who made a decision the ACLU opposes, and what would the ACLU do with that information? I can tell you that people have been harassed and threatened when such information is released.

I can also tell you the ACLU has had leaders who themselves were convicted child pr0n users. -- and that was the guy arguing against using Internet filters in libraries. Gee, I wonder why he would be against filters. I wonder if they have Internet filters in prison.

I do not think the ACLU should get the names and addresses of local moms and pops. The double standard comes in where they are seeking to block others from getting the same information being sought in NJ.


Wow. There is a big difference between individuals serving on a committee deciding something about a PUBLIC school district and an individual purchasing something for PERSONAL use.

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