The book of the future?

Submitted by Blake on Sat, 01/29/2000 - 11:31

Check out for a look at the possible book of the future.\"THE BOOK AS interface, the changing interface of collected thought... what is the future of
the book? With the computer revolution fast fulfilling its promise to make society rethink
communication, it is time for a good long look at this vehicle called book.\"

Forget Copiers: Scanners You Can Take to the library

Submitted by Blake on Sat, 01/29/2000 - 11:19

The NYTimes Has a Storyon cool new pen scanners.

If you have ever done research in a library, you have probably encountered this annoying situation: You\'ve found a paragraph ofhelpful information in an otherwise useless book. There is no point in lugging the book home for the sake of those 300 words. So you face twochoices: transcribe the paragraph by hand or trot over to the photocopy machine, stand in line, fish around for change and make three copies the wrong size before getting one that captures what you want.

Harry Potter books Promote Hatred and Rebellion

Submitted by Blake on Sat, 01/29/2000 - 11:14

OregonLive has a story HERE on the infamous Harry Potter.\"

Complaining that Harry Potter\'s popular books for children will lead readers to \"hatred and rebellion,\" a couple in this central Oregon town is asking schools to ban them.

It\'s the latest in a controversy that pits parents who object to the adventure stories about witchcraft against parents who say the popular tales encourage children to read.

New Videotape Offered Free to Public Libraries

Submitted by Blake on Sat, 01/29/2000 - 11:08

Get yout free video Here
The new 38-minute videotape, Therapy in Action: The School-Age Child Who stutters, is getting rave reviews from speech-language pathologists, parents, teachers and physicians. The tape is an excellent resource and is certain to further the understanding of stuttering and what can be done to help the school-age child.\"

How Dialog Blew it

Submitted by Blake on Sat, 01/29/2000 - 10:59

You would\'ve thought Databse Monster Dialog would have a big advantage over most others when it comes to the web. Not so says Forbes in This article on Dialogs troubles brought on by the web.
Dialog practically invented much of the indexing and boolean search technology that has allowed such outfits as Yahoo and Alta Vista to bring order to the chaos--and make their owners spectacularly wealthy in the process.

Librarian Freed

Submitted by Blake on Sat, 01/29/2000 - 09:04

From YAHOO! News.

Song Yongyi, a U.S.-based academic detained by China on
suspicion of gathering state secrets, left for home Saturday
after Beijing freed him in a gesture ahead of a pivotal
Congressional debate on its WTO entry.
Song, detained since August in a case that triggered appeals
to China by U.S. academics, lawmakers and diplomats, left
the Chinese capital on Northwest Airlines flight NW088 to
Detroit, a U.S. offici

Free The Chinese Librarian!

Submitted by Jessamyn on Fri, 01/28/2000 - 16:40

Dickinson College has set up a site where people can
check for updates on the status of Dickinson College scholar and librarian Yongyi Song who was arrested in China on charges of \"the purchase and illegal provision of intelligence to foreign people.\" on Christmas Eve. They have started an online petition and awareness campaign aimed at securing his release.

The Info Connect LIS directory 2000

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Godfrey Oswald, webmaster at The Info Connect LIS Directory
2000 The Info Connect LIS directory 2000 wrote in.
popular web site set up in 1995 exclusively for
information scientists, librarians and other information
professionals worldwide,with over 3000 live links, moved
address a few days ago!!!