75% of Tunisians do not go to public libraries

A survey unveiled by the Ministry of Culture shows that 75% of Tunisians do not go to public libraries. Over 22% of respondents said they had never read a book in their entire life, and 18% said they do not like reading. "Figures like [the survey results] are not only frightening, but are absolutely a setback," media critic Khemais Khayati told the media before the fair's opening. "This is a setback for knowledge, and, therefore, for citizenship, given that citizens who avoid knowledge will lose their standing." "The fact that three out of four Tunisians never go to a library necessitates a substantial and dramatic review of both cultural and educational policies," he said, adding: "Tunisians spend over three hours a day watching TV, longer hours at internet cafés, and even more hours in cafés playing cards and smoking water pipes." Read more about it at: http://www.magharebia.com/cocoon/awi/xhtml1/en_GB/features/awi/features/2010/04/27/feature-02
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