5 ways to really revolutionize the book business

5 ways to really revolutionize the book business

1. Let me subscribe to my favorite authors.
2. Keep books updated for one price.
3. Buy a print copy, get an electronic copy, too.
4. Give more of my money to authors.
5. Indie bookstores should sell e-books.


indie bookstores should have a resource that allows author to support them through the sale of ebooks.

dunno if this exists, but local and indie bookstores should be able to offer downloads of poetry, stories, novellas, essays, rants, the author discussion transcript, etc. that *could* be created just for the book signing, or just because the author wants to contribute.
and the store would get something for each download and the author would make some money, too.

but I haven't researched this, so I don't know who hosts these files or what process directs the download or how to the payments are collected and distributed to all parties.

This website has a long list of independent bookstores that sell Google eBooks.


If you read using an iPod or iPad you can download the Google Reader app and buy books from these stores. You may be able to use other devices but I am not familiar with them because I have an iPod and that is what I have used with Google books in the past.

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