2008 CLA Survey of Challenged Materials and Policies

Kenneth D. Gariepy: You're invited by the CLA Advisory Committee on Intellectual Freedom to participate in its <a href="http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=RWKKQYVxVLEmmGOLOE_2b4_2fQ_3d_3d">annual Survey of Challenged Materials and Policies</a>. The purpose of the survey is to gather data about the nature and outcomes of challenges to library materials (e.g., books, magazines, DVDs, CDs) and policies (e.g., collection management, access to Internet and facilities) initiated in publicly funded, Canadian libraries (e.g, public, school, academic) between JANUARY 1 and DECEMBER 31, 2008. Your responses will help inform the Committee's policy and advocacy work. The survey is open from April 1-30, 2009.
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