10 Books Not To Read Before You Die

The producer of at least three television shows that you may quite like shares with us his definitive list of books that just aren't worth the bother.

1: Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen

From what I can gather it’s Mills and Boon from the olden days, and really boring Mills and Boon at that. I did try reading a Jane Austen novel once, but it hadn’t got going by fifty pages so I guiltily gave up; the characters spoke in a very oblique way and it seemed to be all about hypocrisy and manners and convention; worse than that, it was really difficult to find the doing word in a sentence.


To rephrase: "I have a hard time understanding complex sentences. This was written at a tenth-grade level, which is much too high for me."

it's not in modern english so sod it.
Funny how people can watch tv shows with the same content but when it's a matter of thinking about it in your own head when reading they just can't do it.

I agree that #5 on the list is a book to skip. Hunter S Thompson is a writer of crap.

Agree with Beauty Myth - the writer mentions that she is a virgin - why do I need to know that as a reader???

Vehemently disagree with Pride and Prejudice being on that list.

Wow, someone who shares my opinion about Hunter Thompson, James Joyce and Tolkien. I did enjoy what I read of War and Peace (though I never did make it through to the end). I brought it with me on a trip to the French Quarter with my mother and she kept calling me the "old square" because I preferred reading War and Peace to bar-hopping in the French Quarter.

Hunter Thompson was a visionary and a genius. But I like the rest of the picks. I'm so sick of Joyce getting his jock ridden when he (in my caveman opinion) one wrote one readable work.

Two of my favorite books are on the list - Lord of the Rings, and Fear and Loathing. LOL.. to slightly paraphrase one of the posters above... that list is crap!! No, worse, that list should be 10 Crappy Lists You Should Throw Away Without Reading. I wouldn't feel so strongly if I they hadn't made me feel bad about myself.

What an interesting post but it's all about choice isn't it, how we live, what we do, what we read?

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